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2013 Dates

UK Armageddon 2013 - 9th - 11th August 2013

UK Armageddon 2013 Results

1st Team Gammer (Gammer, DK, Yoda4483, Titch, Greeny, Neb, Damian, Trikkitt) - 52 points
2nd GFYi (Adds, Entity, C'Tri, Custard, Calpinator, Lurch, Larma, Niyra) - 33 1/3 points
3rd League of Evil (Funsized, Moriarty, Crabman, Fine Wench, Mr Spanky, Damage, EvilKitty, SnD) - 21 points
4th 21 Century Vikings (Adversary, SurSokK, Twist, Killerspy, Peabrain, Storm, Spitfire, FuFuRuM) - 18 1/3 points
5th Cunning Stunts (Nightfire, Eris, Goku, Snoken, Roldec, Neocydude, Jardie, The Terminator) - 15 1/3 points

1st GFYi 8
2nd League of Evil 5
2nd Team Gammer 5
4th Cunning Stunts 2
5th 21 Century Vikings 0

1st Team Gammer 8
2nd GFY 6
3rd Vikings 4
4th League of Evil 2
5th Cunning Stunts 0

1st Team Gammer 8
2nd League of Evil 6
3rd GFY 4
4th Cunning Stunts 2
5th 21 Century Vikings

1st 21 Century Vikings 7
1st Team Gammer 7
3rd GFY 4
4th League of Evil 2
5th Cunning Stunts 0

1st Team Gammer 8
2nd 21 Century Vikings 5 1/3
3rd Cunning Stunts 3 1/3
3rd GFYi 3 1/3
5th League of Evil 0

1st Team Gammer 8
2nd Cunning Stunts 6
3rd GFYi 4
4th League of Evil 2
5th 21 Century Vikings 0

1st Team Gammer 8
2nd League of Evil 4
2nd GFYi 4
4th Cunning Stunts 2
4th 21 Century Vilkings

2013 Route Plan

This is the provisional route plan for UK Armageddon 2013.  Team captains please check in the week before for the official start details.  Handbooks will be available with the official schedule.

Friday 9th August
07:00 Bradford LaserZone (LaserBlast)
11:00 Quasar briefing/games
15:00 Finish and depart
18:00 Leicester LaserForce
22:30 Finish and depart
22:45 Leicester Hotel
Saturday 10th August
08:30 Coventry Q2000
13:00 Finish and depart
18:00 Swansea Nexus Laserzone
22:00 Finish and depart
22:15 Swansea Hotel
Sunday 11th August
11:15 Bristol DarkLight
15:45 Finish and depart
17:30 Swindon LaserQuest
22:00 Finish game - Prizes
22:30 Depart

Entry Fees & How To Sign-Up

Deposit £60 secures a spot.  Remaining balance due on the day.

Entry fee £125
Entry Deadline 5th July 2013

Early Payment Discounted Rate £115
Deadline 5th June 2013
Conditions: Full payment paid via free method before early payment deadline.

Free methods: Bank Transfer, Cash, Cheque, Paypal (only when you pick to pay the paypal fee yourself, send money to

Transport Fee for those requiring transporting around the event £45 (tbc).  Please make sure you register your requirement for transport ASAP.

Payment via cash, bank transfer or cheque are available now.  If you wish to pay via one of these methods please contact Mike at to arrange payment.

Paypal Signup - 2013

Entry for UK Armageddon 2013 has now closed.  Please look out for details of UK Armageddon 2014 early in 2014.

If you are paying via Paypal then you can either send the money directly to and pay the fees yourself (this counts as a free payment method) or you can use the button below (this will not count as a free payment method).

Payment Type
Player name, tshirt size, team