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Quasar also known as Q-Zar is a system dating back to the late 80s.  The system was originally developed in Australia, later being sold to Irish backers who took the product internationally.  The USA based Q-Zar licensee company later purchased the Irish manufacturing organisation.  The Q-Zar company failed in the late 90s.  Since then a number of companies have kept the Quasar and Q-Zar brand alive and supplied parts to existing venues.

Tournament Settings


International Tournament settings are as follows:
  Shots per second: 1
  Reflex Shot: Yes
  Defence Shields: Yes (3 Defence, 3 Warning)
  Game Mode: Supercharge
  Solo: No
  Spies: No
  Friendly Fire: Yes
  Smart Bombs: 0
  Kill Bonus: No
  HQ Hit Bonus: No
  Lethal Generator: No
  Scoring: Advanced

  Hit Opponent: +200 (+2 team points)
  Hit Own Team: -100 (-1 team point)
  Get Hit by Opponent: -100 (-1 team point)
  Get Hit by Own Team: 0
  Hit Opponents Base: +1000 (+10 team points)

Other country specific formats and rules exist.  UK Armageddon uses the standard International Format and Rules.

Tournament Rules

Will be added