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Welcome UK Armaggedon

Welcome to UK Armageddon, the multi-system LaserTag tournament.  This is the ultimate test of LaserTag skill!  Please read the 2017 page under the "Years" menu option for more information on this years event.

Information on this year's event is available on the 2017 page.


2016 - GFYi (Adds, Lurch, Larma, Entity, Valroc, SnD, Custard, Calpinator)
2015 - Cerberus Blue (Goku, C'tri, Jardie, Damo, Kai, Scitchy, The Punisher, Swazzer)
2014 - Magic Mike's Minions (Trikkitt, Titch,Neb, Adversary, Twist, SurSokk, RedNecTec, The Punisher)
2013 - Team Gammer (Gammer, Trikkitt, DK, Yoda4483, Titch, Greeny, Damian, Neb)
2012 - Major Laser (Exit, DK, Swazzer, Havok, Jabberwock, Preceptor, Aztec, Yoda4483)
2011 - Team Gammer/Milk It Laser Freaks (Gammer, Trikkitt, Havok, Damage, Titch, DK, Yoda4483, Nightfire)
2010 - Psycho Family (Exit, DK, Swazzer, Montoya, Coco, Punisher, Titch, Crabman)
2009 - Psycho Family (Exit, DK, Swazzer, Montoya, Coco, Punisher, Titch, Slaughter)
2008 - Ghetto Hat (Big Jim, Trikkitt, Havok, CS-Spawn, Damage, Dark Angel, Fonzie, Titch)
2007 - Dave likes it up the chuff (Xipheas, Lil'd, Charlotte, Gammer, Shaft, Neb, Leigh)
2006 - Ghetto Hat (Big Jim, Trikkitt, Havok, Nightfire, CS-Spawn, Damage)

Stats are on

Players Hall Of Fame
6 Wins
5 Wins
  DK, Trikkitt
4 Wins
  The Punisher, Swazzer
3 Wins
  Gammer, Yoda4483, Exit, Havok (UK), Damage, Neb

Paypal Signup - 2016

UK Armageddon 2016 is over.  Payments will open next year for 2017.  Please check back.

Entry fee is £135, discounted to £125 until 6th June.  Alternatively pay a deposit of £65 now to secure your place and the balance at the start of the event.

Please send all payments to:
Or via PayM / PingIt to: 07957 353707

Latest Updates

UKA 2017 Signups - 06 July 2017
UK Armageddon 2017 sign-ups are in full swing.  Get your team and players signed up now!

11th-13th August.  Please contact if you want more information. 
UKA 2016 Results - 02 September 2016
UK Armageddon 2016 is over and the results are as follows:

1st - GFYi (Adds, Calpinator, Custard, Lurch, Valroc, SnD, Larma, Entity)
2nd - Team Gammer (Gammer, Neb, CopeWithIt, Clueless, Trikkitt, Titch, KT, Cybergeek)
3rd - Cerberus Blue (Goku, Jardie, The Punisher, Skitchy, RedNecTec, Reboot, Damo, Kai)
4th - League of Evil (Moriarty, Funsized, Lolgirl, Uprising, Mr Spanky, Damage, Spider, Fine Wench)
5th - Cerberus Two (C'tri, Allanah96, Eris, Little_Tank, Que3, Relentless, TD, B.A.D.Wolf)

2016 Route Announced - 04 June 2016
UK Armageddon 2016 route has been confirmed and now available on the Years > 2016 page.  Sign-up is now open! 
2016 is being planned - 02 April 2016
Work is under way to plan the 2016 event.  Dates are confirmed as 19th - 21st August.  This is likely to be a northern route this year.

More information will follow when a route plan is confirmed.  Please keep an eye on the website for updates. 
UKA 2015 was won by Cerberus Blue - 20 August 2015

The final results for UK Armageddon 2015 are as follows:

1st Cerberus Blue (Goku, C'tri, Jardie, Damo, Kai, Scitchy, The Punisher, Swazzer) - 24 1/3
2nd Team Gammer (Gammer, Neb, JJ, Titch, Sursokk, Peabrain, Jabber, Trikkitt) - 22 2/3
3rd GFY Industries (Adds, Lurch, Larma, Entity, Valroc, SnD, Calpinator, Custard) - 19 2/3
4th League of Evil (Moriarty, Funsized, Damage, Lolgirl, Uprising, Mr Spanky, Lasergod, Allanah96) - 5 1/3

Individual system ranking as follows:
LaserForce: Cerberus Blue (5), Team Gammer (4), GFY (3), League of Evil (0)
DarkLight: Cerberus Blue (6), GFY (3), Team Gammer (2), League of Evil (1)
LaserQuest: Team Gammer (6), League of Evil (4), Cerberus Blue (2), GFY (0)
Q2000: Dropped due to equipment issues
Outdoor: Played for fun only.  Team Gammer (6), Cerberus Blue (4), GFY (2), League of Evil (0)
Quasar: Team Gammer / GFY (5), Cerberus Blue (2), League of Evil (0)
LaserBlast: GFY (6), Cerberus Blue (4), Team Gammer (2), League of Evil (0)
Zone Nexus: Cerberus Blue (5 1/3), Team Gammer (3 2/3), GFY (2 2/3), League of Evil (1/3)

Stats are available on

Final Call - 08 July 2015
This year we have four teams competing in UK Armageddon. A couple of spaces remain to be filled.  Interested?  Then get in contact.   
2015 Route Confirmed - 05 May 2015
This year's route is now confirmed!

Starting at 08:30am (May change depending upon number of teams) on Friday 14th August at LaserForce Northampton, finishing at 10pm Monday 17th August at Megazone Rayleigh.

Entry fee is £150, includes three nights accommodation (based upon 3 people sharing, each get a bed).

Systems will be LaserForce, Darklight, LaserQuest, Q2000, Quasar, LaserBlast, BFS Outdoor, Zone Nexus FEC. read more ...
UK Armageddon 2015 - 24 February 2015
The UK Armageddon 2015 planning is under way.  Expected dates for the event are 14th-17th August.  More details and confirmation of the route will be announced as soon as possible.

Keep an eye on the 2015 page for further information. read more ...
UK Armageddon 2014 Results - 27 September 2014
UK Armageddon 2014 is over.  Final Results:

1st Magic Mike's Minions 35 2/3
2nd GFY 23
3rd Cerberus Blue 15
4th League of Evil 10 1/3 
UK Armageddon 2014 Route Plan - 11 June 2014

UK Armageddon 2014 route is now locked.

Friday 15th August
  LaserForce Peterborough
  Quasar Corby
  Zone Derby
Saturday 16th August
  Q2000 Derby
  LaserBlast Bradford (Upper arena hopefully)
Sunday 17th August
  LaserQuest Blackpool
  Darklight St Helens

The tournament entry includes all the above venues for tournament games.  Practice games will be run where practical.  It also includes hotels for the night of the 15th and 16th.  As the Friday is an early start (07:30 arrival, games start 08:00 sharp) it is recommended that you stay in the Peterborough area the night before - the night of the 14th is NOT included in the tournament entry fee.

Transport between venues is not included, so please arrange a car to take you.  If you are unable to do this then it is possible to purchase transport for £45 per person for the duration of the route.  This is subject to availability so if you require this then please notify your requirement quickly or all available spaces might be taken.

All entries must be submitted by 13/07/2014.  Any entry received after this time will be best endeavours.
UK Armageddon 2014 Planning Under Way - 05 February 2014
Planning for the 2014 event is under way.  Dates are provisionally set for 15th-17th August.

Stay tuned for information on the route plan.... 
UK Armageddon 2013 Results - 12 August 2013
1st Team Gammer (Gammer, DK, Yoda4483, Titch, Greeny, Neb, Damian, Trikkitt) - 52 points
2nd GFYi (Adds, Entity, C'Tri, Custard, Calpinator, Lurch, Larma, Niyra) - 33 1/3 points
3rd League of Evil (Funsized, Moriarty, Crabman, Fine Wench, Mr Spanky, Damage, EvilKitty, SnD) - 21 points
4th 21 Century Vikings (Adversary, SurSokK, Twist, Killerspy, Peabrain, Storm, Spitfire, FuFuRuM) - 18 1/3 points
5th Cunning Stunts (Nightfire, Eris, Goku, Snoken, Roldec, Neocydude, Jardie, The Terminator) - 15 1/3 points 
Entry now closed for 2013 - 27 July 2013

With 5 teams attending this year, this will be the biggest UK Armageddon so far!  Entry has now closed for 2013.

Less than two weeks to go until UK Armageddon 2013! 
UK Armageddon 2013 - Route Announced - 20 April 2013

The UK Armageddon 2013 route is now up and entrance is now open!

Please take a look at the 2013 year page for further details and how to pay your entrance fee. 
2012 UK Armageddon Finished! - 20 March 2012
UK Armageddon for 2012 is over. 4 teams battled it out for the title, with players from the England, Scotland, Sweden, USA, 1st Major Laser 2nd Team Gammer 3rd GFY Industries 4th No Plan No Sleaves The next UK Armageddon will be in August 2013  
UK Armageddon 2012 Details Announced - 27 December 2011
UK Armageddon 2012 will run 3rd-6th March 2012 to tie in with Swedish Armageddon which will run the following weekend.

Full details of the event are available on the 2012 page, which also contains sign-up details to register for the event and pay your entry fee or deposit.

The route starts in Morecambe MegaZone and finishes in Watford Q2000.  This is going to be one hell of a year for UK Armageddon with a full 7 competitive systems!
 read more ...
UK Armageddon 2012 - Swedish Linkup - 29 August 2011
Due to the Olympics running around the time of UK Armageddon and the associated disruption on the roads and the increased flight costs around that time, UK Armageddon is shifting as a one-off to March for the 2012 event.  This will place it one weekend away from Sweden!

UK Armageddon will run 3rd-6th March, and will be 3 or 4 days long.  Precise details will be announced once venue details become available.  For now keep these dates available!  Swedish Armageddon will be running the weekend after 8th-11th March, again dates depend on venues and UK Armageddon final dates.

Keep an eye out for further details!
UK Armageddon 2011 - Results - 22 August 2011

UK Armageddon 2011 has finished and the results are as follows:

1st - Team Gammer/Milk It Laser Freaks: 32 Points (Gammer, Trikkitt, Damage, Havok, Titch, Yoda4483, DK, Nightfire)
2nd - Cerberus Blue: 20 Points (Soul, Damned_Angel, C'tri, Goku, Damian, Jardie, Roldec, NeoCyDude)
3rd - GFY Industries: 19 Points (Larma, Entity, Big Dog, Custard, Calpinator, Adds, Lurch, Niyra)
3th - LTLF: 1 point (Eris, Poison Ivy, Crabman, Rezirone, FunSized, Tin Tin, David, Adversary)

The constant struggle between 2nd and 3rd place was amazing, with a few upsets and many close games.

With a selection of great arenas this year, the equipment we played was balanced and made for exciting games. 
2011 - Dates & Route Announced - 06 May 2011
UK Armageddon 2011 will run 19th - 21st August 2011

Using the following sites LaserForce Peterborough, LaserQuest Skegness, Quasar Bradford, LaserBlast Bradford, MegaZone Morecambe, Darklight St Helens.

Entry fee and transport costs will be announced shortly.
2010 - Results - 20 August 2010
The UK Armageddon 2011 Results are:

1st Psycho Family (Exit, The Punisher, DK, Montoya, Swazzer, Coco, Titch, Crabman)
2nd Ghetto Hat (Big Jim, Trikkitt, Damage, Havok, CS-Spawn, Jabberwock, RedNecTec, Larma, Nightfire)
3rd Cerberus Blue (Soul, Goku, C'tri, Jardie, Damian, Yoda4483, Damned_Angel, Roldec)
4th Aces of Bases (Eris, Siffror, Nirya, Ads, Lurch, Funsized, Tech, Snoken)
2010 Payments now open - 21 April 2010
Payments are now being accepted for UK Armageddon 2010. Please note there is a £10 discount when the full entry fee is paid via cash, cheque and bank transfer payments before 3rd June 2010. The full entry fee is fixed at £125 with deposits at the usual £60 per person. The deadline for deposits is 3rd July.
2010 - Dates Announced - 04 April 2010
UK Armageddon 2010 dates are now set: Friday 13th August 2010 until Sunday 15th August 2010

Route plan is: Quasar Whitstable, LaserQuest Croydon, Outdoor Abridge, Zone Leicester, LaserForce Leicester, DarkLight Birmingham/Gloucester.
UK Armageddon 2009 Results - 17 August 2009
1st Psycho Family (31 1/3 points)
2nd Ghetto Hat (17 points)
3rd Cerberus Blue (11 1/3 points)
4th Entropy (10 points)
UK Armageddon 2009 Route Confirmed - 29 April 2009

The route for the UK Armageddon 2009 has now been confirmed.  The event starts on Friday 14th August at Abridge Adventure Sports (Mayhem Paintball Fields), and finishes on Sunday 16th August at Huddersfield.

More details are on the route plan page for 2009.

2009 Date Confirmed - 12 April 2009

The dates for UK Armageddon 2009 are confirmed as Friday 14th August 2009 to Sunday 16th August 2009.

The route plan will be published within the next week, but will be including LaserForce in Peterborough and the new DarkLight site in Birmingham at The Raceway.

Sign-up is now available!

2008 - Results - 19 August 2008

These are the results for UK Armageddon 2008

1st - Ghetto Hat - Big Jim, Havok, Wezza, Dark Angel, Damage, CS-Spawn, Fonzy and Titch (31.5 Points)
2nd - Lost Vikings of Psycho Family - Exit, Montoya, DK, Slaughter, Swazzer, Punisher (28 Points)
3rd - Dave loves it up the chuff - Xipheas, Shaft, Charlotte, Pieman, Neb, Conker, Lil'D, Maris (23.5 Points)
4th - Team Crypt - Ubdeed, Ghost, Yoda4483, Kitt, Bobster, Larma (1 Point)

The event was incredibly close, going in to the last two systems the top three teams all had a chance to win. Some games were amazingly close, where a single shot could change who won.

Special thanks to Dark Angel for designing the t-shirts and flying all the way from Texas USA to take part.  To the Swedish players for coming over and give some very strong competition.  Xipheas and crew for running the LaserQuest portion and getting games turned around in less than 3 minutes.  To the arena owners Terry @ LaserAce (Actual Reality) for all his hospitality and work he put in to equipment maintenance, and to Paul @ LaserZone Huddersfield (Zone/Quasar) for putting so much effort in to accomodating us with both systems.  Thanks also to everyone who put work in behind the scenes, getting games settings organised, teams signed up etc.

Thanks to everyone for coming!  I hope to see you all again at next year's event.

Tournament Details - 04 April 2008

 UK Armageddon 2008 will run from
Friday 15th August 2008 until Sunday 17th August 2008.

Teams are 8 players in size, with a maximum of 5 teams at the event.  Players unable to attend as a team will be allocated to a team.

The systems played are as follows: LaserForce (Peterborough), Adventure Sports Outdoor (Doncaster), MegaZone (Huddersfield), Quasar (Huddersfield), Actual Reality (Oldham), DarkLight (Bristol), LaserQuest (Bristol Longwell Green).

The event starts at 9am at the LaserForce arena in Peterborough on Friday 15th August, and ends at LaserQuest Longwell Green (Bristol) at 9:30pm Sunday 17th August 2008.

Entry fee per player is £115 if paid in full by the 8th June 2008, otherwise it is £125 due on the day.  The entry fee includes two nights in a hotel and all the lasertag, it does not include transportation this year.  For those unable to transport themselves or make other arrangements, a supplement of £35 can be paid for transport to be provided.

To secure a place at the event the entry fee, or a deposit of £60 must be paid.  The deadline for deposits is Tuesday 8th July 2008.  Deposits and entry fees are non-refundable, however you can transfer the secured place on the event to another person if you wish.

Please note the Friday is a busy schedule, running from 9am until around 12:30am.  Please try to get a good nights sleep before the event!

Hotels have been booked, with a focus on cost reduction.  The first night will be within 5 minutes walk of the venue, with everyone getting their own bed (room sizes vary).  The second night is a 15 minute drive from the venue, with 3 people per room, each room containing a double bed and sofa bed.  If you wish to have two per room then please let me know as soon as possible to ensure the correct number of rooms are available, the cost will be around £25 per room.  If you live near the locations we are staying at and wish to save the hotel cost please let me know and I'll advise you of the entry fee minus hotel room costs.

If you have a spare place in your car for the route you can sell this back to the event for £35. The event will only purchase the number of places it needs on a first offered first used basis. Please only offer spaces if you genuinely have them available as this could disrupt planning. The price is based on the cost of renting a minibus for the event, which will be used if insufficient spaces are available in cars.

You will get one practice game on each site, this may not be the full tournament format due to role-play on some systems. The outdoor games will be short to get a basic feel for the equipment.

If there are 5 teams you will get to play each team once on every system. If there are 4 teams then the games will either be extended in length and you will play each team once, or a change in colour/side will occur half way through depending on system turn-around and site.

Sides/colours will be randomly drawn. Order of play will be semi-random to provide for the fairest experience possible. For example with 5 teams, where one is an obvious home team on a system, the other 4 teams will have their first games against each other before any play the home team.

Please note that exact event details are subject to change. The core event will remain the same, and this site will be updated to reflect any alterations as quickly as possible should anything change.  Substantial changes are very unlikely at this stage.